If you have found an orphan or injured animal please call: 330-745-2947

  • If you have to take an animal to a Rehabilitator, please ask them if they are licensed and by whom. They should be licensed by the State for mammals. For birds, they need to be licensed by both the State and Federal Fish and Game.  (Operation Orphan Wildlife Rehabilitation, Inc is licensed both State and Federally.)


  • Is the animal really an orphan? 85% of wildlife found are NOT orphaned. Unless you have proof of the parents’ death or there is an obvious injury to the animal, please contact a Wildlife Rehabilitator prior to intervening. Many species will observe their young from afar when humans are near.
  • Not everything you read on the internet is true. What do I do if an animal is truly abandoned or injured?
  • Check out our Learning Center for important information & educational facts on commonly found wildlife.
  • Contact a Wildlife Rehabilitator on the proper steps to take to keep wildlife safe until they can arrive.
  • It is against the law to raise wildlife without a special permit from the ODNR.

Important Information:

Warmth for baby wildlife, especially those that have not opened their eyes, can be a matter of life and death. One way to do this is to wrap a bottle of hot tap water in a towel or other material and set in with the babies.  DO NOT USE ANYTHING THAT HAS FRINGE.  It has a way of wrapping around the legs and the torsos of the animals.

These 5-6 week old squirrels were improperly cared for by a well-meaning woman who read the wrong information on the internet. She finally contacted Fran when she realized something was wrong.

The picture above is what a normal five week old squirrel looks like.
You can see there is a stark difference between the two photos.