Baby Skunk

Facts About Skunks

  • A skunk can spray repeatedly and shoot the spray for a distance of 14 feet, getting up to a height of 6 feet. Baby skunk spray too! I have had people tell me that baby skunk cannot spray, but this is NOT TRUE, they can, trust me!
  • Skunks like grubs, so if you’re finding your yard torn up by a skunk, you need to treat your lawn for grubs.
  • Skunks are an animal of habit and normally walk the same route every night.
  • As long as you do not startle them and/or leave them alone, they will usually leave you alone.
  • Rinse your jars and cans! Skunk, raccoon and other animals get in trouble with jars and cans when they smell what had been in the container. Do the animals a favor and rinse out those cans and jars.




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